When my friend Sara asked me to design her logo, I got really excited - I’ve known Sara for over 10 years (when our oldest children went to baby swim!) and have followed her journey from busy working mum to setting up her own, successful business as a content writer and author. (you can find her here!)

I have worked with Sara before, when photographing her for a Personal Branding session, so to help her designing her logo felt like the perfect way to continue working with her.

Sara had some ideas which we tried out at first, but in the end we landed on something quite different! The initial idea was to have the name in a swirly font, and to also incorporate a pen into the design. We nearly decided on this, but in the final stages of the design process, I came up with a geometric and clean design - colour blocks that took the shapes of her initials (SB), and that also felt fresh, fun and creative. (And perhaps not as expected!)

When asking Sara to describe her brand, some of the words that came up were positive, trustworthy, honest, professional, attentive, fun and creative - something I think comes across in the logo design.

As the logo is based on geometric blocks, they can also be used as elements in other designs - business cards, marketing material, website - which is really useful to the overall design of the brand.

If you’re looking to have a logo designed, or perhaps some other graphics material, please get in touch! I would love to hear from you!

sara bussandri content writer logo
sara bussandri content writer
sara bussandri content writer
sara bussandri content writer