How to get the most out of a Mini Brand Session

A Mini Brand Session is a great option if you have a busy schedule, or just don’t require a complete gallery of photos. During this brief (25-minute) session, you'll receive a variety of photos, including headshots, walking shots, cafe scenes, detail shots, shots with props, and more. 

We’ll walk around the vibrant & colourful streets of Covent Garden for a variety of backdrops and scenery.

To ensure you make the most of your session, are a few things you can do to prepare:


I usually suggest wearing whatever you would wear to a meeting or a nice dinner out with friends - but you know your brand best, so if you feel a more casual style is better - like jeans & t-shirt - then of course go for that!

Avoid wearing all black (especially on top) as it can overpower the photos a bit. Same for very bright colours like bright green or red - but if these are your favourite colours to wear, that’s of course fine. Block colours, nice fabrics, and textures typically work well. Choose an outfit suitable for all seasons for timeless photos. 

Although the session is quite short, there’s still time for a quick outfit change should you want to. If not, and you still want some variety in the shots, adding accessories or a jacket to your outfit can be a great alternative.

Another thing that can often be helpful is clothes (trousers, a suit jacket, a skirt or dress) with pockets. This gives you something to do with your hands and looks good in walking shots for example.

covent garden london mini brand photo session

Hair & make-up

For a professional appearance, it’s worth spending a little extra time on hair & makeup (if you usually wear it) - you’ll want to look your absolute best! Wether it’s by yourself or with help from a hairdresser and/or make up artist it’s up to you. 

Make sure to pay attention to your hands and nails too as some photos might be either close ups of your hands, or otherwise part of a half body shot for example. 

It could also be a good idea to bring along a hairbrush, lipstick or whatever else you might need for touch-ups, as well as a pocket mirror to check you’re happy with everything before and during the session. 

covent garden london mini brand photo session


Depending on your profession, props can be a good addition to your brand photos - it can be something as generic as a coffee cup, a laptop or notebook; or something more specific to what you do (a camera if you’re a photographer for example). If you bring a laptop, you could prepare a website you’d like to show in the photos for a behind the shoulder shot. 

using props at mini brand session covent garden london

What if it rains?

Let’s face it - living in England comes with some unpredictability in the weather! I keep a close eye on the forecast and usually make a decision a couple of days before the shoot. In the case of heavy rain, I'll reschedule the session but if it’s only very light rain we might still go ahead as there is plenty of indoor & under cover options. 

covent garden london mini brand photo session

Lastly, try to relax and have fun - I know it can be a bit awkward being in front of the camera and all eyes on you, but I'll do my best to make it a fun and enjoyable experience. Just imagine how these photos can boost your business and embrace the opportunity to showcase your best self!