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4 tips for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just a few weeks away (19 June), I wanted to share a few gift ideas. These are all tried and tested, and have all made brilliant gifts. So here you go, my top four gift ideas for Father’s Day:

Personalised t-shirt

Last year I had a t-shirt printed with one of the kids drawings - this was greatly appreciated and something that has been worn lots of times. I got the t-shirt from notonthehighstreet:

Home made photo slide show

This is a bit more time consuming, but really worth it in the end! Put together a ‘movie’ of photos of your kids (and the whole family) together with a favourite song in the background. You could even add video clips to make it even better. I’ve used iMovie for this, but if you have a look online there are other ways you could do this such as or (Some of the online sites gives you a free trial as well)

‘Tickets’ or ‘voucher’

This is both personal, cute and absolutely free! Get the kids (if old enough) to draw / design tickets offering dad something special from his children, preferably something they’ve practiced and put some effort in, like a concert, play or neck & foot massage. (This is also a good way to keep the kids busy and excited in their preparations!)


Even though it’s mid-way through the year, a calendar with family photos is still a great option as you usually can set the start month to any month you want. I’ve bought desk calendars from

Hope you found this helpful - in the end of the day it’s the thought that counts, and as long as dad gets to spend a bit quality time with his kids, anything else should probably be seen a bonus! :)

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