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The importance of a good headshot

I wanted to talk a little bit about headshots - and the importance of having a good one as a small business owner. Whilst we all probably know that it’s better to have a professional photo rather than some smartphone photo from a night out or last year’s holiday, I still wanted to write a bit about my top three reasons:

First impression

In this fast-paced time we live in, first impression is everything - according to (some slightly old, but still) statistics, you only have 15 seconds to grab someone’s attention online, so you really need to give a good first impression. Hence why a good headshot is important!

It shows off the real you

A headshot has the potential to show off the real you - how you want to be portrayed (approachable, friendly, fun, powerful etc) as well as taken place in a relevant place, and perhaps showing off something that’s relevant to your profession. A good storytelling photo can often say much more than text.

It makes your website look professional

Quite obvious, but still! It’s worth mentioning - if you’ve spent lots of time on making your website looking great, there shouldn’t be a reason why your headshot shouldn’t look great too! You might use it on your home page, and if not there, it would most likely be on the about or contact page. And if you don’t have a photo at all, I would definitely consider adding one - it makes your website so much more personal and approachable!

As a photographer based in west London, I regularly photograph small business owners in their homes or other locations. If you are interested, please get in touch on [email protected] and I’d be happy to help!

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