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Five types of photos to take this summer

Yes, there’s no denial anymore - school summer break is getting nearer and nearer, and soon the kids’ days will be filled with garden fun, playdates, holiday camps and sleepovers at grandma’s. (along with lots of the obligatory ‘I’m booored’ which funnily enough seems to happen quite early on…)

The days can go past quickly, so to help you remember them here are a few tips on photos to take of your kids this summer:

Summer nights

This time of year, we’ve got the luxury of loads and loads of gorgeous, natural light. The most well-known pretty light is the golden hour light which takes place the last hour before the sun sets. If it’s sunny and you’re out & about at this time (at the moment, in early July, around 8.30/9pm) you can get gorgeous photos. Maybe your children playing (if still awake!) or a beautiful landscape. Try to keep the sun in the background with your object in front of it to get beautiful back-light and a golden ‘halo’ around your kids’ head (or whatever you’re taking a photo of).


This time of year, the food seem to get more colourful - the ice lollies, the exotic fruits, the barbecue skewers… You can get beautiful photos here, especially with a bit of a close-up - think bright-red ice lolly or an ice cream cone with colourful sprinkles - that pops out of the photo. Take the photo from a different angle (like from above) to make it stand out more.

Holiday & outings

If you’re going on a holiday, or perhaps a weekend away, it can be fun to document not just the trip itself but the preparations - the kids helping to pack their bags (it’s quite fun to look back on what you packed a specific year - what dresses, pyjamas, toys, hats…), family members in their car seats getting ready and excited, or even on the way home when they’re completely exhausted from the adventures they’ve just had.

Water action

On hot & sunny days the kids love playing around in the paddling pool or running through the sprinkler, or maybe you’ll visit a splash pool or the beach. Water can be good fun in photos, especially as the kids often get really excited and splashes and run around in it. Capture their expressions and movements as they get splashed or run through the sprinkler. 

Hand the camera over

Some of the funniest photos tend to be taken by kids - they find things that us grownups never would think of as an interesting object - their teddies lined up, funny selfies, photos of you (which often can be quite fun to have as it shows you from their perspective). If you have an old camera or camera phone lying around, give it to your child (if old enough) for the day and let them document the day from their perspective. This could be especially fun if they go for a sleep-over or play date.

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