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Motherhood mini-sessions: What to expect

Do you ever wish you had more photos of you in them? We tend to take hundreds (or more likely thousands!) of photos of our children doing cute/weird/funny stuff, but there’s rarely any proof that we, the mothers, were there. This is why I started offering Motherhood mini-sessions - a short/ish in-home session just for mums & their kids (or baby). Because we’re a BIG part of our children’s lives, and quite often, the ones that spend the most time with them. And therefore I think we deserve to have some good, real, photos of us along with our kids. 

When you book a Motherhood session, you really don’t have to do or prepare much. I will ask you a few questions over email (or phone if you prefer) about you and your child(ren), to try to get to know you a little. When I arrive at your home, I usually have a little look around the house to work out where to take the photos - this is usually the main bedroom, perhaps the nursery or downstairs living room. Generally, where there is the most amount of natural light is where we’ll do the majority of the session. 

There’s no need to prepare any activity - I will work around you & your child’s schedule and photograph what you generally do together! This could be absolutely anything: reading books, having a snack, dressing out or changing nappies! If you have a garden or nearby park, I’d be happy to go outside too.

After the session (which will last roughly 45 min) you probably won’t hear from me for a couple of weeks apart from a little sneak peek which I usually send over later the same day or the next (as I generally can’t wait to start editing!). After 2-3 weeks, you’ll get an email with a link to an online gallery, where you can see all the edited photos from the session. From here, you can choose your 10 favourites (unless of course you love them all so much you want to keep all of them!), and once decided, I will send you another link where you can download your photos in high resolution. 

My availability is Monday - Wednesdays, and I’m generally flexible on time. (although mid-mornings generally seem to work best!) To book your session, email me on [email protected]!

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