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5 tips for photographing your baby

Taking photos of our babies is something most of us can’t get enough of - I remember having to keep backing up my iPhone for more storage due to the constant snapping! If you’re looking for some tips on how to take better photos of your baby (whichever camera you use), here are five of my best tips:


This is really important! Try to use natural light whenever possible, and turn off any lights you might have on. If it’s a bit dark, you can almost always get good enough light next to a window. If it’s sunny, cover the window with a light sheet or curtain to avoid any harsh shadows. 

Also, avoid using flash as it can give harsh shadows and can often make your baby squint or get upset.

Bonus tip: If your baby is a deep sleeper, and if the room is fairly bright, open up the curtains for a little bit (once baby’s in a deep sleep) to get some natural light photos of him/her whilst sleeping. 


Don’t forget the little details - hands, feet, the hair, chubby legs - things that will change quickly. Get in close and remember using good light! (see point above)


When they’re tiny, everything else seems so big in contrast! Make sure you take some photos emphasising this, for example daddy holding baby’s hand, baby sleeping next to their teddy, or lying in the middle of a big bed.


Include things that are important for you and that you’d want to remember, like the blanket grandma made or baby’s first teddy. 

Move down

Don’t take all photos standing up, make sure to get some shots taken from your baby’s level. For example if baby’s lying on a bed, move down so you’re on the same level as your baby and take the photo from the side.

I hope you’ll find these tips useful! 

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