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5 ways to get natural photos of your children

When we take photos of our kids we usually ask them to smile, which when you think about it, stops them from what they’re doing, meaning you’re not actually capturing what you found interesting in the first place!

So if you want more natural looking photos of your children, and still get a good photo, here are a few tips: 

1. Sneak up on them! Or, if that feels a bit weird, just don’t say anything when you take the photo - let them get on with whatever they’re doing. Most of the time they won’t even notice you’re there with the camera if they’re really engrossed in something.

2. When they’re interacting with their siblings or friends - catch them when they’re in the middle of a conversation (which usually can be quite entertaining and imaginative) and capture their expressions.

3. Capture the details. Focus on the too big shoes they’re wearing, or the toy they’re holding in their hand. Make that object your main focus, and don’t worry about including all of your child.

4. Take the photo from a different perspective. For example from above, to get a different perspective and capture in more detail what your child is doing.

5. Capture your child doing something that’s typical for them right now - my son for example, had a phase where he wanted to put stuff through the mailbox (like keys!!). It’s easy to forget these things as they grow older.

Why don’t you try some of these ideas today - fancy DSLR or your iPhone - it doesn’t matter!

Have a great weekend! x

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