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A day out on a PYO farm

Yesterday me & the kids, two of their cousins, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law drove down to Garsons Farm in Esher, Surrey for a day out on the picking fields. The kids were really excited, and my girls had even written down in their notepads the night before what and how much exactly they were planning to pick :) (they didn’t quite stick to it in the end…). 

We started off with a bit of light lunch in the restaurant and then went on to the fields were we picked carrots and beans. This was so much fun for the kids, and really a great way to show them were our vegetables come from. We then went on to the sweetcorn fields - which felt a bit like a jungle where we almost got lost (how do they grow so tall??). Finally we came to the strawberry fields, which unfortunately were a bit low on strawberries - we might have come at a bad time as it looked like they needed another week or two to ripen. 

Overall, we had a fantastic time and the kids fell asleep pretty quickly in the car on our way home. These sort of days out are my favourite - where the kids can run free, fresh country air, the kids learn something new and useful, no entry fees (big bonus!) and fresh veg and fruit to take home at the end of it. I can highly recommend taking a visit if you’re in the area!

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