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Before and After - what the photos looks like before editing

There’s a lot that goes in to good photography - light, angles, composition, catching the right moments; but what happens once the photo has been taken is also really important. A photo is rarely perfect straight out of the camera, so I always do a bit of editing to them afterwards. 

In general, I try to not do too much to the photos to keep them as natural as possible, and also to try to keep them as timeless as I can - there are a lot of trends out there for editing, and although there are some beautiful edits I want the photos to feel as fresh in 5, 10, 15 years and not remind you of a style that was popular at a particular time. 

Here are a few before & after photos that shows what a bit of editing can do to the final product:

Not huge differences, but it still makes a big different, don’t you think?

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