About the sessions

Whether it's a newborns, toddlers, mums-to-be or families my approach is in essential always the same - to capture real moments, in a place where you can be comfortable and yourself (most often your home). I want you to be able to look back on these pictures and remember what your life was really like, with all the things you love about your home as one amazing backdrop. 

Also, how many frame-worthy photos do you have of the whole family, you included? Wouldn't it be nice to have pictures of you all, interacting, playing with the children, just being yourself? But instead of going to a studio, all dressed up, it's done right in the comfort of your own home.

Prices & Packages

Session fee: £50

The session fee is payable at the time of booking and includes:

  • A pre-consultation over the phone or Skype 
  • A photo session in your home or chosen location
  • Access to a password protected online gallery with all your images, beautifully edited digitally.

Newborn / Family Session

Suitable for families with either a baby or older children, this session usually takes place in the home, but other locations such as parks is also an option. I will take a combination of in-the-moment pictures as well as close up portraits, and spend up to 2 hours with you. You could do the shoot around a specific event (snack time, going to the park, playing games etc) or just go about your day - either is absolutely fine!

10 beautifully edited high resolution JPGs: 
£160 (weekdays) £210 (weekends)

50+ beautifully edited high resolution JPGs: 
£250 (weekdays) £300 (weekends)

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Maternity Session 

A 30-45 minute session in your home or other chosen location, this is suitable for mums-to-be in the later stage of the pregnancy (at around 30 weeks). Photos will be natural and beautiful, and posing kept to a minimum.

15 beautifully edited high resolution JPGs: 
£100 (weekdays) £130 (weekends)

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Children's Portraits 

In this 30-45 minute session, I focus on beautiful, natural portraits of your child in your home or other chosen location. The session is relaxed and fun, and gives you a set of lovely portraits of your child. 

10 beautifully edited high resolution JPGs: 
£60 (weekdays) £90 (weekends)

20+ beautifully edited high resolution JPGs: 
£130 (weekdays) £160 (weekends)

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Professional Headshot

If you're a business owner or perhaps in need of some new headshots for your blog, social media or for general business use, this is the session for you. I visit you in the comfort of your home (or other chosen location) and take a set of natural, beautiful portraits. There will be a combination of classic headshots with some lifestyle shots which will help tell a story.

beautifully edited high resolution JPGs: 
£40 (weekdays) 

15+ beautifully edited  high resolution JPGs: 
£100 (weekdays) 

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For products other than digitals such as prints, albums and frames please get in touch for prices.

Please get in touch to get more information about:

  • Christenings, baby showers and other events
  • Nursery portraits
  • Gift vouchers

DESIGN - Branding, Stationary and more

I am available for graphic design work including branding, corporate design, stationary design, invitations and more. Please email me for a quote.


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